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On this page you will find a lot of things that current educational institutes fail to impart to their students
As such you will find a real universality of ideas contained in these pages, ranging from topics such as:

A few months of attentive study will benefit you more than anything else.
It can give you peace of mind and a new sense of living.

Martin Euser

Home (blog, guestbook, directory of content)

My free ebook on integrative spirituality, philosophy and science. It contains an extensive discussion on the afterlife, the real nature of humans, and, it finally closes the gap between spirituality and science.

This site is dedicated to the work of earnest searchers for understanding. Their prime motive has always been to help enlighten the minds of those who are ready for expanding their horizon and thus get to the core of the issues that humans face in their daily lives.

Vitvan (founder of the School of the Natural Order) was such a searcher in my opinion and I hope that you will be able to get some understanding by studying his work, now also available in the form of audio-lectures. His contributions on the fields of general semantics and spirituality are well worth pondering about.

You are not asked to believe anything you hear or read, but rather encouraged to do your own thinking and especially apply the principles that you feel are right to your own life.

"With all your getting, get understanding"

Another important person in the history of Western esotericism has been Gottfried de Purucker, the fourth leader of the Theosophical Society Point Loma/Pasadena.

His writings (TUP online) contain the deep insights of a Self-realized individual. "Put a heap of iron and wood together and expect that spontaneously a violin arises out of these pieces." Who would be so stupid to believe that such a thing can happen?

Yet, our scientists want us to believe that that is the way our universe is built and organized. No, our universe is not a haphazard thing, it is a living organism, built and sustained by consciousness. (Free after Gottfried de Purucker)

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